One of the statistical studies has shown that there are more than one million people in the world suffered from injuries and damages due to falling on indoor or outdoor stairs. Some people got injuries on the stair that is in outside of the home not covered from rain. Thus, it is highly important to install carpet stair treads in your home to avoid dangerous on slipping stairs. From this section carpet stair treads vs runner, you can able to know why you need to install carpet stair treads and how it helpsinstall carpet stair treads and how it helps to prevent falling.

Carpet stair treads Vs Runner:

No matter that you’re living in the rental home or having own home, installing carpet stair treads is very important to protect you and your family members.


If you have children in your home, then they should run on the home always and play around the home. At the same time, if you have pet animals such as a dog, then dog going up and down stairs. But, there are more chances of falling down while running on the stairs. More dangerous are associated with a slippery area of your home.

Not only the stairs but also the other areas where you use water more time such as bathroom, kitchen and outside area that is not covered from rain makes slips while walking. Thus, you have to cover all those areas by using carpet or other stair treads to prevent accidinets.

Carpet stair treads:

Why do I need to install carpet stair treads? This is the question asked by many people who didn’t aware of problems associated with stairs. If you install carpet stair treads on the steps, then you can able to eliminate the chances of falling down and slips.

It is very easy to install carpet on the stairs by yourself. You no need to destroy the home or Carpet stair treadssteps and by simply install carpet on it. Stair treads are nothing but fabric pieces and you can attach it on the steps.

However, the cost of carpet fabric pieces is high compared with other materials. If you want to do it within your budget, then you may choose other materials to protect stairs. The stair treads fabrics are available in wood, vinyl, carpet, and like more.

The carpeting staircase is an older method and hardwood is the current trend, but still people would like to use only the carpet to protect stairs due to its durability and safety.

Installing carpet on stairs is very easy and you no need to call professional to do it. Simply purchase the carpet pieces that suits for your steps after measuring the size of stairs and buy other installation materials to install. Cut down the carpet and attach it on the stairs that have more traffic.

This is the reason why you need to install carpet on stair treads. From this section, I hope you know the relation between carpet stairs tread vs runner right!! The stairs tread is mainly designed for the runner on the steps.