Are you not an owner of the home? Staying at the rental house? If like so, then you can’t able do any changes in your rental home right!! At the same time, altering home is a waste of money for you, because you’re staying only for few years. What about stair treads? Are you using normal stair treads? Just replace it by removable carpet stair treads.

DIY removable carpet stair treads:

Do you aware of injuries happened because of falls on the stair? Then, why you did change it to prevent falls, because of rental house, am I right!! All homeowners don’t construct home with any kind of protected stair treads and they won’t care about people living in the home.

So, you only take care of yourself and need to change your stair treads. There are so many materials available in the market to change the current stair treads into protectable one. And, it also exists from low to high price, so among all you can choose anyone that comes within your budget.

Which removable stair treads are betterYou’re living in the rental house, so you need get permission from your homeowner for your alteration. At such a case, they won’t allow for making permanent changes on stair treads. However, you don’t worry; good news for you is removable stair treads. Instead of permanent stair treads, you can make use of removable stair treads.

Which removable stair treads are better?

As I said before, there are different types of stair treads are available in the market. Some of those materials for stair treads are a vinyl sheet, hardwood, carpet, bare stair and like more. Among all carpet stair treads are the best materials for protecting stairs. This is not only best for stairs, but also for all slippery areas of your home.

On the other hand, the cost of this carpet stair treads is costlier than all other materials for the stair.

How to install removable carpet stair treads?

As the cost of installing carpet stair treads is higher, you can buy simply less number of carpets, so that you can able to reduce overall cost.

Don’t know how install removable carpet stair treads? Keep continue to read this section to know DIY of removable carpet stair treads.

How to install removable carpet stair treadsAt first, you need to choose the place where you need to install stair treads. After that, buy numbers of carpet stair treads. How much carpet pieces are needed? To determine that count number of steps in your home and then buy carpet pieces.

To reduce the cost, simply install the carpet on any of the sides of steps.

Step #1:

Purchase the best stair carpet pieces that come in your budget and choose the size and shape of the carpet based on the size and shape of the steps.

Step #2:

After that, apply glue on the downside of the carpet and simply apply on anyone side of stairs.

Step #3:

Repeat this for all steps in your home. In this way, you can able to reduce the cost, but obtain carpet stair treads in your rental home to prevent falls.

That’s all!! Removable carpet stair treads are installed in your home.