Walking or running on the stairs are very dangerous even for human beings due to its slipping chances. Then, how your pet animals can run in the stairs? Animals can walk or run faster than human beings, so it is very important to carpet stair treads for pets to prevent dangerous on falling your pet animals.

Is your dog refusing to go downstairs?

Is your dog refusing to go downstairs? There are so many reasons for this such as your dog may lose its sharp eye power, getting old, or like more. However, the main reason for dog refusing to go downstairs is its slipping problem.

While going upstairs, both people and dogs walk or run only slowly. At the same time, it is hard to walk or run fast while going up stairs. But, this is not in the case of downstairs, because it is easy to go down, so there is lot of chances for falling down. This is the reason for your dog refusing to go down.

However, you don’t worry; there are carpet stairs treads for pets available in the market. So, buy and make use it on the steps for your dog walk or run easily on the stairs even its less power of the eye.

How to install carpets on stairsDon’t know how to install carpet on the stairs? Then, exactly this is the right place for you to know the steps to install carpet on the stairs.

How to install carpets on stairs?

Installing carpet on the stairs is not that much complex process as like you think. It is very simple and you can do it without destroying your home or stairs. Here are the steps to install carpets on stairs successfully.

Step #1:

First of all, you need to decide the place to install carpet that means whether you’re going to install it center, left or right of the steps. While deciding the place, concern about looks of stairs and choose.

Step #2:

Once you have decided the place, purchase the carpet material. Stair treads are fabric pieces, so buy a carpet made stair tread pieces.

Step #3:

Prior to paying for fabric pieces, measure the size of your steps and then buy equal sized or a little bit large sized carpet pieces.

Step #4:

At first, clean the surface of steps thoroughly and buy construction glue to install carpet.

Step #5:

Place each piece on every step. Apply construction glue on the downside of carpet fabric piece and attach it to the surface of stairs.

Step #6:

Use hand-roll up to make it strongly fit on the steps and equalize it.

Step #7:

After that, repeat the step 6 and 7 on the each stair to install carpet. When moving to next step, make sure that you’re placing carpet in the right position as like as the previous one.

Step #8:

Leave it for a day to dry the glue well to attach strongly on the stairs.

Now, your dog can walk or run easily and fast on the stairs blindly.