Are you looking for vinyl carpet stair treads?  Vinyl carpet is a popular and an inexpensive floor covering that looks attractive and has a cushioned core, which makes the floor more comfortable to walk on and warmer than tile or wood.

Vinyl carpet stair treads:

The staircase is considered an integral part of many homes, but there are a lot of accidents that can happen on them so safety should always be the top priority when building a staircase. The maximum measurement of a riser that you can use for a stair is eight inches.  Vinyl carpet stair treadsYou can make sure that your surroundings are safer and more enjoyable even when simply climbing the stairs. For commercial and residential areas vinyl stair treads are recommended for added safety.

How to install vinyl stair treads over carpet?

Adding a vinyl runner to your carpeted staircase not only provides extra traction but protects your carpet from wear and tear or pills.

  • Unroll one end of the carpet and ensure that the edge is cut straight and even. Use a yardstick and a craft knife to carefully cut the edge so that it is straight.
  • Measure the width of the carpet and the width of the stair tread. This will help you center the carpet evenly on the stairs.
  • Cut the first strip of double sided carpet tape to equal the width of the runner. You will need enough tape to make two strips for each step on the staircase.
  • Turn the carpet upside down to begin attaching the first double sided tape strip. Align the edge of the strip with the bottom straight edge of the runner.
  • Peel the adhesive backing from the double sided tape and align the runner-up along the front of the stair along the floor.
  • Ensure that the carpet is directly in the middle of the staircase and lined up with your chalk markings. Press the tape onto the carpet.
  • Cut two strips of tape from the roll and affix them to the top of the first stair. Roll the cheap rubber or vinyl treadscarpet over the top of the stair treads and press it into place over the two tape strips.
  • Work up the staircase applying tape to the top of each stair and allowing each strip of tape to grab onto the carpet.
  • Rub your finger over the carpeted area on each step to remove any leftover chalk.

Installation is simple.  They are typically glued onto the stair, but can also be nailed or tacked. A water based adhesive is suitable for most installations. A vinyl carpet stair treads are recommended if significant moisture is present.  A wide selection of vinyl stair treads is available.


  • Do it yourself friendly
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free
  • Resistant to stain and scratches
  • Highly cost effective when compared to other flooring choices

These can be simple cheap rubber or vinyl treads, fancy carpet treads or even heated treads that melt snow and much more on choosing appropriate treads is at vinyl carpet stair treads.