Are you looking for wide carpet stair treads? Carpet stair treads are natural insulators and will help cut down on noise will provide warmth and comfort for bare feet. Here are some wide carpet stair treads for your stair.

DIY Carpet Stair Treads:

Extend the life of your high traffic hardwood stairs by ordering DIY carpet stair treads. Each tread measures 23 inches by 8 inches, so they are the ideal size for the most standard ordering DIY carpet stair treadsstaircase. Each tread helps you cut down on tracked in dirt and preserves your hardwood floors delicate finish.

This includes 13 carpet stair treads and one rolls of our strong, durable double-sided carpet tape for easy. These wide carpet stair treads are finished with edge binding, which makes them even more durable. They are incredibly easy to remove for cleaning. So they are the smart choice for cost-conscious and safety-minded homeowners.

DIY Nylon Carpet Stair Treads:

This will be quality, attractive premium stair gripper non-slip pet-friendly soft nylon cut pile carpet stair treads. Extend the life of your high traffic hardwood stairs and reduces the slips traction. This carpet will give you a fresh new look for your staircase. They are also simple and easy to remove as well with no sticky residue left behind. Each carpet tread is finished with attractive color matching yarn. You may remove your treads for cleaning and re-attach them when you are done. This carpet will protect your hardwood stairs from wear and tear.

NonSkid DIY Peel and Stick Carpet Stair Treads:

Affordable non-skid peel and stick DIY carpet stair treads by a flooring company. All new exclusive adhesive peel and stick strips make do it yourself installation a breeze. Adhesive will not damage your hardwood flooring and easy to remove if you later decide to remove your carpet stair treads. Adhesive strips come pre-applied. No additional installation products needed.

Carpet stair treads covers black ribbed indoor/outdoor:

Help prevent slips for you and your dog on your staircase with black indoor and door carpet stair treads. Corrugated construction for better traction and liquid flow. Easy do it yourself installation with our double sided carpet tape. This carpet is great for indoor or outdoor use.

Skid-resistant Carpet Stair Treads:

This carpet stair treads feature a thick, premium, skid resistant rubber backing to create a safer and more secure walking surface for your family and pets. Can be placed directly on NonSkid DIY Peel and Stick Carpet Stair Treadsmost hard stairs to protect the surface and create traction. For additional security, you may also double-sided tape or carpet tacks. Bound on all edges to prevent fraying.

Premium indoor/outdoor non-slip carpet stair step treads:

Heavy-duty indoor/outdoor premium non-slip artificial grass turf carpet stair treads. Edges will be bound with attractive color matching binding tape. Each set includes three stair treads fade resistant commercial or residential.

There are a wide variety of carpet stair treads and the stairs treads will make up the warp are stretched on the loom.