Make your own carpet stair treads can add a colourful accent to your home and also ensure that your stairs have a bit of padding, useful especially if you have small children. Adding carpeting to your stairs improves their traction and makes them easier to climb safely. While you could use a large piece of carpet to cover your entire staircase, it is not necessary. You can use carpet remnants instead to build your own custom stair treads.

How to make your own carpet stair treads?

If you have an old carpet you can make your own stair treads easily with just a bit of cutting make your own carpet stair treadsand gluing, and here is how to carpet stair treads.


  • Carpet
  • Rubber backing
  • Adhesive
  • Straight blade
  • Measuring tape

Step 1: Dry the Carpet

Before you start cutting and gluing the carpet, simply place your existing carpet on the stairs and make sure you like the way it looks. This can also help you with the measurements as well as deciding if you want to do one long tread.

Step 2: Measurement

Measure the steps on your stairs and multiply the measurements together to get the area. Measure both the length of the staircase and the width of each step. If your carpet is narrower than the stairs, you can still make carpet stair treads and the carpet does not need to go the edge of each step.

This will help you determine approximately how much carpeting you need. If your carpet is not long enough to cover your staircase then you can make individual treads have one continuous tread.

Step 3: Backing

Consider some kind of backing for your carpet stair treads to protect your stairs. You can choose from simple carpet padding to the corners of the treads. Some backing is self-make carpet stair treads and the carpetadhesive to glue it to the back of your carpet stair treads.

Step 4: Cutting

If you make individual carpet stair treads, then you have the measurements for each step. According to that cut the carpet. If you have decided to make long carpet stair tread, you will cut the carpet after you have laid it on the staircase.

Step 5: Gluing

You will have to glue your backing to the carpet. When the glue is dry, you are ready to fix your carpet stair treads to your steps. Use your measuring tape to make sure each tread is centred. Repeat all the way down the staircase, cutting off any excess carpet.

Here are some suggestions if you should decide to make your own carpet stair treads.

  • Make sure the fabric you choose to use is a heavy duty fabric. It also should think that the glue won’t ooze because that would make a hard stiff top on your do it yourself carpet stair treads.
  • Use a sticky tape like duct tape
  • Use plenty of glue

Now you can make sure that your surroundings are safer and more enjoyable even when simply climbing the stairs.