Are you not happy with the carpeted stair treads? Then, exactly hardwood carpeting is the right option for you. Having carpet stairways are out-of-date, so not only you, but also many people who having carpet staircases look to change it. At such a case, hardwood stairways are the best choice for you people. This is because you can able to replace carpet stair treads without reconstructing your building.

Yes, you can replace carpet stair treads into wooden materials without destroying your house and by living under the mess of construction for few months until completion of the replacing process.

How to replace carpet stair treadsHow to replace carpet stair treads to wood?

Is it consumes more money? This is the question asked by many people who planned to change carpet stair treads into wood. The answer is, it doesn’t consume that much money. Building new stair treads at the first time consumes 4 times of money that you going to spend on replacing carpet into wood stairways.

Therefore, you no need to worry about the cost consumption. At the same time, you can make use the remaining wood pieces to decorate your other parts of the home. From this way, you can able to save thousands of dollars and obtain your favorite wood stairways.

Are you satisfied with the overall structure of your stairs? Are the size and shape of the steps are comfortable for you? Many people are not happy with the structure of stair treads that are protected by carpet and the size and shape of the steps. A height of the steps is not enough to walk and run for some people.

This is the same problem for you too!! Then, why are you waiting!! Simply replace the carpet stair treads into hardwood to get proper height of the steps.

Steps to replace carpet stair treads to wood:

Are you interested in DIY method? But, don’t know how to replace carpet staircases to wood? Keep continue to read this section to know that. In this section, I’m going to share you the step-by-step procedure to replace the older stairways to the hardwood.

Step #1:

At first, remove the older carpet from stairs, tacker strips, and residual glues.

Steps to replace carpet stair treads to woodStep #2:

After that, clearly remove the existing construction with nosing on both open and front side of the stairs.

Step #3:

While removing the carpet stairs, store the spindles that are attached to stairs, because it is useful for installing wooden stairs.

Step #4:

Choose the hardwood stair treads that is suited for removed stairs. It is better to use hardwood veneered plywood for replacing carpet stairs.

Step #5:

Now it’s time to install hardwood. To install hardwood ply on the stairs use construction glue and attach on the steps.

Step #6:

While pasting wooden stairs ensure that there is no gap between the wooden pieces. Then, use the stored spindles to tight the edge of the wood to stairs.

That’s all; now, new fine looking hardwood stair treads are ready to use!!